interviews: Ana opens up about her beauty routine, her future projects and how to face the pandemic…

Good afternoon guys! The sweet Ana recently did interviews following her announcement for Estée Lauder, and her more than interesting future projects. We have selected several important passages, which might interest you.

Ana first spoke beauty representation and her routine during her meeting with ELLE UK‘s team:

‘I remember using my grandmother’s face creams – she always looked so elegant and beautiful. She was from Spain, and moved to Cuba to a country that was really hot and humid but she was still always so well put together. Even when she would go grocery shopping, the image I have of my grandma is her looking so pretty and clearly doing it for herself and no one else. That was my first impression of what a beautiful woman is.’

What does beauty mean to you?

‘What I find the most attractive is when I feel like someone’s being genuine. You can tell when someone is being authentic or just imitating someone else. I see women that wear a more natural beauty look like almost no make-up, while others go really bold and wear beautiful lashes, colours, liners and glitter’.

She did the same during her interview with BYRDIE:

‘I usually just take a shower, wash my face… I have this little beauty fridge, this mini fridge, and it’s cold in the morning and I [put my] eye creams [in there] and it makes me wake up right away. I heard once that—I think it was Grace Jones or something—she used to put her face in a bowl of ice water every morning. I try—can’t do that. It gives me a headache. But I do have my mini fridge and my eye cream and my roller and everything and that’s cold enough for me to wake up. You put your serums and sunscreen and then a moisturizer and you know… it’s perfect. A little mascara, and you’re good to go.

She also talked about the impact of the pandemic on her life and her next projects:

‘It’s been a very intense year for everybody and I thought that it was important to figure out a way in which I could create the space to take time for myself to think, meditate, feel good and healthy, so I built a meditation room. I exercise pretty much every day and I’ve learnt to enjoy my time in the bathroom doing my beauty routine, my ritual! You need that time to put on your creams, wash your face…’

So how have you been handling this past year during the pandemic? How has it been on your mental health and well-being?

[Takes a deep breath] ‘Well, I guess, like everyone else, [I’m] trying to figure things out every day, slowly, making sure that despite everything, you still stay connected with the people you love, with family, with your friends, with everyone that keeps you sane. Even though I don’t love it, being on the phone and video calls have made a big, big difference. Thanks to that, now I do appreciate it. And [I’m] trying to stay healthy, keep moving, trying to work out and eat healthy; take time for myself and figure out—now that I have the time to—to find the things that I love to do for myself.’

‘I try to keep myself moving and I still [go] to the gym and try to run a little bit and take some boxing classes—things like that. And also some meditation. And then now, of course, I’m preparing for a new film that’s an action film, so I’m really working on training and doing stunts and learning all the choreographies and practicing all the things, so that is a very good excuse to get into shape for real. [laughs] It makes me feel like I’m back in my normal state and it helps mentally too… you get it all out like it’s a way out for all the emotions, and then you’re exhausted and you crash.’ [laughs]

You recently cut your hair into a super short bob…

‘Yes! I’m about to start shooting this movie with the Russo brothers and working with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans again and it’s a really active role. We started discussing what we wanted my character to look like and how that would work with all the action and we found all these pictures of really short hair. Action films don’t really work with wearing wigs so I was like, “I’m going for it, let’s cut it for real”.’

So, last thing, what are some things that bring you instant happiness?

‘Oh my gosh… talking to my friends, seeing them in person mostly, but now, talking to them. Dancing. A glass of wine. Going to beach, the ocean… those things.’

Two very enriching interviews, allowing us to learn a little more about our beautiful Ana and perhaps follow her advice to survive this pandemic mentally.